Ahmed Bukhatir


Islamic Rulings On Recitation of Nasheeds

Islam is a very joyful Religion. The song is one way of expressing the joy of Islam. Nasheed in its basic form simply means song. However, in Islam what is meant by Nasheed is a song that carries with it an Islamic belief, practice, etiquette, lesson etc. They do take[…]

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Lessons from Nasheeds – The Misconceptions About It

Nasheeds are songs that help us remember Allah. Anytime is a good time to remember Allah. There are many questions that are frequently asked regarding Nasheeds. The four most common ones are mentioned here. Are Nasheeds that contain verses of promises and oaths considered valid and should be fulfilled? When[…]

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“I Am Self Supported,” Says Ahmed Bukhatir

Nasheed is becoming very popular these days among Muslims as this form of music rejuvenates their spirits and helps them to keep track of their activities in various ways. Ahmad Bukhatir is one such Nasheed singer, who has been very popular recently among the people as he has an astounding[…]

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The Profound Islamic Singer, None Other Than Ahmed Bukhatir

Generally, Islamic music has been constrained to the human voice and percussion (duff or drum). Yet, inside these requirements, Islamic singers have been both modern and imaginative. Depending on the magnificence and concordance of their God-given voices, Muslims utilize music to help individuals to remember Allah, His signs, and His[…]

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Nasheeds – A Form of Worship

The concept of worship in Islam is unparallel to any other religion in the world. Islam has combined our ordinary routines with spirituality, individuals with their surroundings and our soul to our exterior i.e. our bodies. Muslims are devoted to Allah and follow his orders and everything that the Holy[…]

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Understanding the Beauty of Islam

Islam is the world’s most beautiful and only complete religion. It was completed long ago and its teachings are for all mankind who will walk on this Earth at anytime. Nasheed is an Arabic word and most Arabic words have multiple meanings. One meaning of the word Nasheed is to[…]

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