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Nasheeds – A Form of Worship

The concept of worship in Islam is unparallel to any other religion in the world. Islam has combined our ordinary routines with spirituality, individuals with their surroundings and our soul to our exterior i.e. our bodies. Muslims are devoted to Allah and follow his orders and everything that the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.) taught us through his actions and words.

In Islam the concept of worship goes beyond offering Salah, fasting or reading the Quran. Islam emphasizes on worldly deeds. These include being nice to your neighbors, obeying your parents, being humble, generous and kind and of course preaching the true religion of Allah.

If we understand Islam we will see even following the Sunnah is considered worship or a form of “ibadah’. If we accord our lives to the Will of Allah we are considered true Muslims. Being a true Muslim means we amend our beliefs, thoughts, work, words, and social interactions in fact our personality because Islam teaches us that our actions and words should not harm anyone. A number of  Islamic Nasheed singers sing about how we should lead our lives as true Muslims. UAE singers remind us of the Sunnah of our beloved holy Prophet (P.B.U.H.). By giving people these gentle reminders the Nasheed singers are guiding them towards Islam.

Ibadah is also doing “zikr’. When one praises Allah almighty, when one thanks him for all his blessings; he naturally becomes humble. Doing ‘zikr’ calms a person. It is meditative. That is why almost all of the UAE singers have made Islamic Nasheeds about Asma-e-husna. These Islamic Nasheeds describe different qualities of Allah and you naturally feel closer to the creator as you listen to them. Some of these Nasheeds have been sung so beautifully that they make you feel overwhelmed.

Apart from the acts of devotion such as Salah, worship or ibadah is also any other act of goodness. These include any charity work you might do or try to help anyone in any way possible. When a Muslim reaches out to help anyone in need he automatically follows what Islam teaches us. The Islamic Nasheed UAE singers are always singing about doing well to others. They remind the listeners to spread peace.

Islamic Nasheed  singers from all over the world are working like preachers. In fact many people have felt a change of heart after they started listening to Nasheeds. Nasheeds are a great way to bring people closer to Allah and Islam. So if someone starts to come closer to Allah, if they start to follow the religion more closely. If someone is reminded of Islam’s history Nasheeds can be called a form of ‘ibadah’

However, it is important to keep in mind that it does not mean that one forgets about his primary duties. They are pivotal and the basis of being a devoted Muslim. Islamic Nasheeds should not keep you from your prayers or any other duties.

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