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Nasheeds – Strengthening Our Faith Through Knowing Allah

Living in the West, it appears that we are encompassed by individuals who don’t get along well with our faith. Struggling in our environment we should ask ourselves ‘Do we understand our religion and its aspects completely?’ Our Iman is not generally solid and in some cases, we end up switching path from the correct way for which only we are supposed to be blamed particularly when it depends on how we keep our religious faith strengthened and our souls on the right track as in the end our only aim as a Muslim is to fight against inner desires and follow the religious path with determination and strong faith.

If we indulge ourselves constantly with the learning of Allah we are doing what we were made for. The importance of Iman is not simply to think we have faith in Allah or aimlessly expect that we know Him but our real Iman depends on strong learning and vast knowledge that we acquire by listening to Nasheeds along with their translations.

Generally, Islamic music has been constrained to the human voice and percussion (drum). In any case to seek more knowledge Muslim artists are always found doing something creative and incorporating modernization. Depending on their magnificence and harmony of their God-given voices, Muslims utilize music to help individuals remember Allah, His signs and His lessons to humankind. In Arabic, these sorts of tunes are known as Nasheed. Historically, Nasheed is some of the time saved to portray music that comprises just of vocals accompanied by the drum yet nowadays Nasheed also comprises of other instruments to provide strong Islamic verses devoted to Islamic subjects.

Muslims hold various feelings about the acceptability and limits of music under Islamic rules and principles and some artists are most broadly acknowledged than other Muslim artists. For example, one of the famous Muslim artist’s name is Ahmed Bukhatir. Those whose melodic topics concentrate on standard Islamic subjects having conservative lifestyle are widely accepted than those having radical music modern ways of life. There are schools of Sunni and Shia Islam that trust that use of instruments in Islam is not allowed but nowadays Muslims follow an extensive meaning of adequate Islamic music with the utilization of other instruments and formulating Nasheeds.

Our entire lives are based in pursuit of more and more knowledge regarding our religion Islam to strengthen our faith. We were never born with wisdom. Everyone is at a different phase of seeking information and direction through religious methods that have been given by Allah for our guidance and strengthening of faith. Let us not limit ourselves to anything less when it comes to our deen and knowing our Creator.

Through a complete understanding of Allah’s identity and our knowledge building to strengthen our faith, our aim is to make the relationship with Allah stronger – a bond that we need with Allah to live in this world for a better afterlife. Nasheed’s play a very significant role in strengthening a Muslim’s Iman towards their God and the religion itself.

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