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“I Am Self Supported,” Says Ahmed Bukhatir

Nasheed is becoming very popular these days among Muslims as this form of music rejuvenates their spirits and helps them to keep track of their activities in various ways. Ahmad Bukhatir is one such Nasheed singer, who has been very popular recently among the people as he has an astounding voice and he portrays the current issues what Islam and the Muslims are facing.

But then Ahmad Bukhatir never planned to become an Islamic singer and considered studying management  at University in Al Ain after school. He had been reciting the Quranic verses each day since he was a young man, yet singing was not viewed as a reasonable profession in those days.

He just began singing professionally at 20 years old, in the wake of spending a day in a recording studio with friends who were recording their own voices. He thought they were excessively centered around mimicking American singers and when he demonstrated to them how to do it they were overwhelmed by his voice and urged him to take up singing professionally.

To be sure before his achievement in with his first album in 2000, Ahmed’s family had reservations about his profession. “They figured it may prompt a specific sort of antagonistic behaviour, yet once they saw that my melodies were helping people; that they were spiritual adventures – they altered their opinion,” he clarifies.

After school, he could have travelled abroad to study further, however he chose rather to remain in the UAE. “I would not like to leave [the UAE]. I’d turned out to be spoilt from the way of life here. Presently, at whatever point I travel abroad, I’m cheerful to get back home. The UAE has developed such a great pace lately, however I generally, dependably need to come back to it,” he says proudly.

The UAE singer is in love with the norms and values of his country. He says that Nasheed was at first originated from the Arabian lands and they carry the legacy very well.

“I am self supported,” he says. “Be that as it may, when I approach the administration of the country for help and support, it hesitates. Why? Possibly on the grounds that every city has distinctive rules which must be followed but then I have been acquainted with audience of people in thousands on events abroad as somebody from the UAE, who is speaking to my nation. Artists, scholars and singers need support to go out and do likewise,” he includes. He is known as a UAE singer and he is proud of being associated with his country.

Albeit singing is his main focus and passion life, Ahmed is likewise a submitted family man and unmistakably glad for his three children – Abdullah 9, Aysha 8 and Sara, 6. “I attempt to educate my children the way I was instructed,” he says. “Be that as it may, I don’t figure they will ever truly comprehend what I experienced to get to where I am today. “They will think that its hard in different ways. We need to direct our kids on the correct way with the end goal for them to stay grounded. Life is so quick nowadays. Children need cell phones and to be on Facebook when they are still so young,” But having accomplished much up until now, he says getting older doesn’t trouble him. “I’m cheerful to be 35 years of age; I’m as yet sound and I’m anticipating learning more every day. Other individuals my age disclose to me they would prefer not to celebrate their birthday celebrations, yet I instruct them to think in a positive manner – we as a whole have so much in life and most of us don’t understand it.” And this is a repeating topic in Ahmed’s profound nasheed melodies.

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