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Ahmed Bukhatir Welcome Ramadan 2018

Ahmed Bukhatir welcomes Ramadan with a video clip “Ramadan 2018”

Sharjah – 22/5/2018
The international, Emirati Nashid singer Ahmad Bukhatir ” Ambassador of Scientific Creativity” welcomed the blessing month of Ramadan with a new Nashid entitled ” Ramadan 2018″, through his own channel on Youtube. In the outset of this Nashid he says:

Ramadan’s breezes blew and pleased the hearts
and its light colored all paths
Its brightness touched our sorrows
Carrying good news that our torments have been ended

Bukhatir expressed his pleasure to always welcome Ramadan with an artistic work carrying supplications and meanings of good and humanity. He also emphasized his keenness on always keeping in touch with his audience and followers of his formal pages on the social media, as well as presenting distinctive works in conformance with the latest sound, direction and creativity specifications; due to his keen interest in presenting works suitable for the audience and his respect for them.

The lyrics of ” Ramadan 2018″ Nashid was written by poet\ Omar Al Sakaf, melodies by Bukhatir and the sound engineering by Hossam Saleh. It was filmed in a humanitarian, charitable theme in accordance with his permanent message in his works and activities, in cooperation with the director\ Adbul Rahman Kendo and under the management and supervision of Fadi Tolbi.

On the other hand, regarding the new children Nashid, Bukhair is still preparing this work in conformity with the largest audio and video capabilities. He asserted that this works will be a captivating surprise to everyone, he added that he considers it as a new challenge for him.

Remark: the attached photo is for the singer Ahmed Bukhatir

Second: The link of ” Ramdan 2018″ supplication on Youtube is attached.

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