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Ahmed Bukhatir Song “Fathfar” Breaking Stereotypes

Musical instruments and melodic is strictly prohibited in the religion- Islam. Especially in the Middle-east countries, it is significantly high to discourage the singing. A businessperson took the initiative and broken the stereotype in Emirates. Ahmed Bukhatir, a business executive, renowned singer of Sharjah. He got a solution for prescribing and enlightened the new way of singing strikingly.  Bukhatir initiated “Islamic Singing” that is regarded as “Nasheeds”. Today he is an eminent icon for Nasheed’s vocalist.

Nasheed means “Chanting”. It also recognised as “Nasiyd in Indonesia and Malaysia. The genres include the usage of thumping of an instrument that is “Daff”. The nasheeds do not contain other typical musical instruments that needed in rudimentary songs, because the usage of brass, string, wind and lamellaphone instruments is forbidden in Islam. However, the creation of connotations is permitted. Due to some fundamental percussion, few Islamic scholars said; the use of melodious instruments is forbidden.  The singing of Nasheed is quite famous across the Islamic states. The stanzas of Nasheed generally refer to the religion of Islam, its history, beliefs and traditions and the current happenings as well. Anyone can convey his message by taking help from the Nasheed.

Ahmed Bukhatir is a native of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE), born on 16th October 1975. He is fifth child of his parents among ten of his family. He is the descendant of UAE’s successful business tycoon during 1970s to 1980s, “Abdul Rehman Bukhatir.  Ahmed spent numerous years in an Islamic centre of Sharjah and learned the Quranic Recitation rules – Tajwid. However, the vocalist professionally sung and released his first nasheed album in the year 2000, titled as “Entasaf Al-Layl”. Ahmed participated in numerous charity occasions, where he has sung his genre and got much gratitude from the audience. Presently, he is a well-known Nasheed singer across the globe.

Apart from his singing career, he is a graduate of Al Ain University of Science and Technology. At very young age, he became the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a public affairs company of UAE, Promax ME. Under his Conservancy, the Promax won Award for the Best Public Relations Agency across the Middle East in the year 2005. Moreover, he is a member of Board of Directors in his father’s business, Bukhatir Group. Ahmed currently head of the Mcfadden Group of Companies. Ahmed also has his part in the politics; he selected as Senator of Sharjah Council, selected by the Ruler of Sharjah. Bukhatir is also the brand ambassador of a UAE based telecommunication company, “Du Telecom”.

Bukhatir’s qualities are just not limited to singing or running business firms. There is another talent for what he got appreciation awards. He arose as a storyteller, and in a little while, he will turn out to be the world famous writer. In a competition held in 2016, among 170+ submissions, Ahmed’s “Dragon Ball” got the third award from the global story submissions. He also won the Montegrappa Writing Prize for a novel writing judged by the United Kingdom-based Legendary Critic Luigi Bonomi.

In a short period, Ahmed touched the sky of fame. His debut album “Entasaf Al Layl” was a Best-seller of the year 2000, then his second album “Al Quds Tunadeena” released in 2001 also come to be the blockbuster. After taking a year break, in 2003, the third album of Ahmed was “Fartaqi”. Over 100,000 copies retailed in the Europe and UAE. Similarly, his album of The year 2004 “Samtan” whose 150,000+ copies sold across the continent of Europe and UAE. Album of The year 2005 was again a super-hit, titled as “Da’ani”. Ahmed’s 2007, 2010, 2013 were the blockbuster musical albums, and his achievements are on-going until now. Currently, he took a step forward, to bring about the society’s concentration towards a conflicted the most important social issue yet. For this, he took assistance from music, to spread the word and save lives of people who are confronting the family related issues or the marriage issues. Regardless of gender, he raised his voice for both.

Ahmed Bukhatir illuminated the bitter truths or taboos prevailing in his society through his vocals. He pointed out the main reason about the women who wanted to get a hitch with a wealthy and well-settled young man, who has power, prestige, high post regardless of having good manners he had or not. Bukhatir broken stereotype and he spread his word through his singing. In his latest Nasheed album titled “Fartaqi”, he conveyed a message to the parents of young women who are stubborn and have very tough conditions and lavish wedding planning for the man who is going to married with their girl. Such conditions deterred quite a few men to get married to their desired partner.  According to Bukhatir:

“Some parents formulate the marriage shoddier by seeking only affluent young men, those in power and prestigious positions and not noticing to good manners.”

However, his initiative got much appreciation from his followers. The song is 5minutes and 11 seconds long, filmed in Algeria. The phenomenon of spinsterhood is much elevated the Arab countries due to such tough conditions from her parents. It leaves the women of Arab unmarried at the elderly age.  Nonetheless, he raised a social issue in his song, but quite a few people are aggressive on his act. He got much criticism; there is an intense argumentation initiated between his followers and his opponents regarding an issue.  Waves of uncertainty ascend on Social media sites concerning family issues and spinsterhood. His song got 200,000 views in just two days on his YouTube channel.

Ahmed Bukhatir is pledging the youngsters to find a suitable life partner, get married, and escape out from the tradition of lavish wedding ceremonies, and costly dowry custom, as it is spreading up in the society. In his exclusive interview with the leading news agency of UAE, Khaleej times, he shared his views;

“I have attempted my best to inspire young people to marry and find a way out of the prolonged catastrophe of expensive dowries and costly welding events, leaving the heavy obligation of marriage.”

He is requesting the parents to have their kids get married without any greed or consent of wealth. Ahmed’s pledge is utterly according to the teachings of Islam to complete each other’s religion, as the spouse completes half of the deen of her husband. Instead of seeking for a wealthy, influential, man, parents allow their daughters get married with a pious, decent and spiritual man who provide her all the fundamental requisites of life, one who cares for her, fulfil her wishes, enjoy her and full of ethics person. It extends to the parents of men also. His parents also required to bring a kind hearted, pious and well-mannered wife for their son, from whom their son’s life becomes heaven. However, Ahmed’s video song also depicts the idea of happy family. It is the precept of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s too. It is Sunnah to get married according to the Islamic traditions and complete the religion.

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