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Ahmed Bukhatir is the Ambassador of the International Schools of Creative Science

Under the theme “Inspiration to Achieve Excellence”, the Graduation Ceremony of the last year of the International Schools of Creative Science was unique due to a decision which made the staff quite happy. The Foundation chose Ahmed Bukhatir as the “Ambassador of the International Schools of Creative Science” to be its representative in its media campaigns and in various conferences and activities.
The International Schools of Creative Science located in the United Arab Emirates are schools that rely on the American and British curriculum to keep abreast of the latest educating and teaching methods, and also adopt the UAE’s curriculum in the Arabic language, Islamic studies and social studies. Which gives us generations of youth with Scientific and technical capabilities without losing their Arab and Islamic identity.

One of the most important ideas the schools seek is to elevate education to academic excellence while maintaining ethical values, and its ultimate goal is successful generations serving their societies effectively and gaining a footprint in the global community.

The International Schools of Creative Science manage the Bukhatir Group for Management and Development of Education (Beam), a group of over thirty leading companies in various fields which has been active for a decade. The group has achieved great success in establishing leading educational institutions through its experience in managerial knowledge in education.

The name of Ahmed Bukhatir has always been associated with committed humanitarian and social work, which exactly what our societies are hungry for. His messages, which he directs in his various poems, opens the door for a noble society that places Islamic values at the highest level of life interactions. And its common goal is to advance in all aspects on that basis. There is no substitute for science to reach this aspiration. His choice as an ambassador to the prestigious schools of scientific innovation in the Middle East is a good choice and promises more success.

The nasheed Linantaleq, “Let’s Go” is the best proof that Ahmed Bukhatir’s path and the path of the International Schools of Creative Science intersect at important points such as motivating creativity, innovation and considering science as a weapon towards a better future.

On this occasion, a video clip was presented of this nasheed, which was popular and quite liked throughout the Arab world. The video was filmed and produced in cooperation with the Foundation of the International Schools of Creative Science, where the artist Ahmed Bukhatir appeared in the halls of the school between students and teachers. This gave the viewer a beautiful elegance that is only obtained when science and creativity, meet art which is capable of delivering the desired message.

For Ahmed Bukhatir, this is only a step towards success in his new mission and in achieving his ultimate goal, and it is a good start for similar projects aimed at providing the best for society and for future generations. He expressed his happiness with this honored title in his speech at the graduation ceremony and wished success and a bright future for the graduating students.

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