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The Hijab Wearing Talented Trio Defies Stereotype In Indonesia

With the heads secured with Islamic scarves, three individuals from the Indonesian band VoB (Voice of Baceprot or Noisy Voice) don’t simply resemble the old-school typical metal music group at all.

The band was formed back in 2014, youngsters met at a school in Indonesia’s most crowded territory of West Java. Since then, they started to utilize their music skills to battle the stereotyping of Muslim being voiceless or submissive.

Wearing the headscarf or hijab should not be an obstruction to our group pursuing the dreams that we will become “celebrities / stars” one day, said Firdda Kurnia, the 16-years old young lad who is the vocalist as well as guitarist of the group.

“In my opinion, gender equality has to be upheld as I feel that I am still on the verge of exploring my creativity and myself, while in the meantime, not compromising over my obligations and duties as a Muslim lady,” she included.

Invited to showcase their talent of music, they performed at graduation ceremony, the trio rapidly had their fans dancing, enjoying and & banging heads around the stage.

“I don’t see anything amiss with it,” said one of the fans who went to attend the show, Teti Putriwulandari Sari. “There’s no law that can bar hijab-wearing ladies from playing music.

“This likewise identifies with human rights as well. In the event that a Muslim young lady has an ability to play a guitar or even drums, shouldn’t she be permitted?” In addition to it, the band has got its own lyrics and music and have emphasized on the fundamental issues that people do face across Indonesia such as the state of education.

Muslims are almost 90% out of 250 million population of Indonesia, by far most of them are practicing moderate principles of Islam, however, there are still conservative strongholds as well.

Not everybody within the vicinity of Garut, where the talented tri formed, and home to numerous Islamic schools, quite feels that the group is prepared for them, or that their music is proper for execution by youthful Muslim ladies.

“It is quite abnormal to see a gathering of hijab-wearing young ladies playing metal music or even ladies yelling,” said Mohammad Sholeh, an instructor at the town’s Cipari Islamic life experience school, including that religious popular music was mainstream with numerous youthful Muslims.

“Despite the fact, we’re discussing metal here, which is quite shout-full.” Maudya Mulyawati, an undergrad at the school, felt the band should concentrate on singing “Salawat”, a praise for Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

An authority of a top administrative body said in spite of the fact that the gathering may trigger a culture conflict in a traditionalist region, he didn’t feel it broke with Islamic esteems.

“I consider this to be a piece of the inventiveness of young people,” included Nur Khamim Djuremi, secretary general of the Islamic Art and Culture Division of Indonesia’s Ulema Council.

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