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Muslim Artists Band Together To Make Music, Break barriers

Muslim Artists Band Together To Make Music, Break barriers

Life offers opportunities when you least expect it. Fate is what brought the two artists together on the path of a new beginning of their careers in music.

As it is said that, there exist absolutely no boundaries to showcase your talents as  Fajjr Khan and Ali Andre came across each other during the holy month of Ramadan during their period of fresher’s at New York University a few years ago. Which is why Ramadan holds much importance for both the artists as that was the time their story began.

Once Ali was looking for some place to where he could break his fast and surprisingly Khan turned out to be his liaison to the Islamic centre. As religion was not the only factor that was mutual, but to Ali’s astonishment, Khan happened to be equally passionate about art and music as compared to the others who wanted to pursue their careers in law or other academic options. This gave way to a pact of a sealed deal between them.

Luckily, both happened to be in school pursuing their love and affection for theatre and music. Whereas, the end of the freshmen year brought up many revolving effects for them and both had life turning experience. “We knew we had this pact from the beginning,” Ali added.

The good news for our youth was that a fresh new start of two passionate artists yet in an urge of bringing something new to the industry.

Opting for going towards music industry and making, your name in the music world is yet a challenging choice but with a covered hijabi singer in the US is far-fetched from the usual.

“We are not going to compromise on our faith,” Khan added more. We yearn to sing about justice and realities of emotions and a little bit of every realistic topic of the world.” According to their definition of their music is indie-pop but in reality, they are striving to bend their boundaries. The aroma of the various melodies like jazz to electronic reflects their different background, which makes it a little more exciting and new.

The music nowadays can have improper and vulgar lyrics, but we yearn to bring music and lyrics that fills what is not there and needed in life.

Although they are new faces to the music industry, they surely have the spark in them to take things on a different intensity more than just the musical level.

People inquire about if Muslims are allowed to the platform of music etc., though little did people know that there is much more to music and art in the Muslim world. As truth be told, there exist no boundaries to take chances with your talents whether whichever background you belong to because that simply does not matter.

As this was by fate that a blend of talents came face to face and this Ramadan they plan to for long their journey.

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