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Ahmed Bukhatir in Britain أحمد بوخاطر الإنشادية في انجلترا

The Success of Ahmed Bukhatir’s Nasheed concerts tour in England

Sharjah – 09/04/2018

The universal Emirati Nasheed singer\ Ahmed Bukhatir “Ambassador of Creative Science” returned back to UAE, after he performed a series of humanitarian concerts in London and other areas in England, which realized their charitable objectives through collecting the donations of the six concerts, supporting our brothers who are affected by the war in Syria and contributing to alleviate their suffering, due to destruction and displacement. The high audience attendance contributed to the success of this tour.

Ahmad Bukhatir expressed a great pleasure for his new success in England and meeting audience from various Arab and international nationalities for who attended the concerts. Bukhatir said “First of all, I feel a great pleasure for achieving the objectives of the tour, which we set with the organizing body, through collecting the donations of these concerts in the favor of our brothers affected by war in Syria. This made me so happy, because we work and exert effort for the sake of humanity, and to alleviate the sorrow of the affected people and replace it with happiness for a better future in all aspects”.

While speaking to the media attended the six concerts, Bukhatir added ” I was surprised of and happy too with the thirst of the audience in London, whether residents or visitors, for this type of Nasheed concerts, in addition to their interest at following up all the details of the concert and their significant interest at the type of Nasheeds I sing, and I would like to thank Allah for so”. He emphasized that he is preparing to release new Nasheeds, which include new, renewable ideas of humanitarian and spiritual objectives.
This tour included several cities in England, starting from Blackburn, then a second concert on the next day in Dewsbury and a third concert in Leicester. The fourth concert was held in Cardiff and the fifth one in East London. He concluded his tour by the sixth concert in Slough.

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