Ahmed Bukhatir

Muslim Aid Event 2011

In the course of Ahmed Bukhatir’s tour, specifically in 2011, there was the Muslim Eid Festival held in London, the city that has received Ahmed Bukhatir with great festivity as he has held many concerts in the UK.

The brilliant artist enchanted the audience with his most important Nasheeds on the stage amid the presence of a large audience. It was one of the most important tours by Ahmed Bukhatir and his band through different international cities.

In this concert, Ahmed Bukhatir chanted his most important Nasheeds like “The Last Breath”, “Eghfer Lei”, “Moth Arafto Allah”, “Taweel As Shawq”, “Ya Men Yara”, “Ummi”, “Ya Adheeman” and many others.

Ahmed Bukhatir is keen on showing the positive aspects of this committed art and on showing the audience the importance of publishing these works in our societies and conveying them to the entire world so that the people will know more about the values and principles of this true religion that came in truth and guidance. Also, part of this holistic message is the teaching on social and humanistic topics, and that is why many of his Nasheed revolves around the family and social relations and supporting the oppressed, as well as the importance of charity and benevolence. The works of Ahmed Bukhatir are chanted by several languages; Arabic, English and French. These works have been widely spread throughout the world and were received with great resonance that befits with the meaning of this noble message. Ahmed Bukhatir wishes to complete his career with more work and to discuss more distinctive themes in them in all the languages available and with all the possibilities and data he possesses and in cooperation with the best methods of the innovative technology and in a modern manner that suits the spirit of youth and society.

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