Ahmed Bukhatir

Salaam Allah Ya Biladi Video Clip!

Salam Allah ya bladi; the best overwhelming union. May Allah perpetuate his grace for those who honored the nation. We‘ve planted the seed of goodness in 71 and gained the harvest .. The Emirates of peace with the goal of goodness to earth and man.

Elegant words in the love of homeland have been translated into a nasheed by Ahmed Bukhatir, Salam Allah Ya Bladi, is one of the most beautiful Nasheeds performed by Bukhatir. It was written by the Emirati poet Mohammed Bin Nuwa Al Menhali and it was composed and performed by Ahmed Bukhatir. The video clip was produced and supervised by Fadi Tolbi and in cooperation with the loyalty and belonging testament program.

It is a nationalistic work of art that expresses a mixture of the love, security and peace enjoyed by the people of the United Arab Emirates with their different nationalities and ethnicities, and carries the spirit of loyalty and belonging to this precious country and its rulers, may Allah save and protect them.

Like all of his distinctive works, this work has been produced with the best available capabilities and has been distributed on various satellite channels and all social networking sites

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