Ahmed Bukhatir

Ya Bonayya

Nasheed “Ya Bonayya” was produced in 2007 and is considered a work of art. It is full of emotions and that is why it is considered one of the best nasheeds performed by Ahmed Bukhatir. It revolves around the story of a father and his son who got separated because of his study conditions, and how the father was able to bear the separation of his son, who used to spend most of his time with, and how the son took care of these conditions in general.

The video clip is directed by the creative Mohammed El Agamy and starred by Hassan Youssef, the great Egyptian actor, who played the part of the father. Also, the clip included a great staff comprising the most important ones in the field of film and media production. It took two days to video clip it and took place in Cairo, Egypt and was under the supervision of Fadi Tolbi.
Like all of his distinctive works, this work has been produced with the best available capabilities and has been distributed on various satellite channels and all social networking sites.

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