Ahmed Bukhatir

Yateem – Ahmed Bukhatir 2017

The “Yateem” nasheed is considered to be one of the most beautiful humanitarian works presented by Ahmed Bukhatir.
The lyrics is written by Hisham Zerzoor, performed and composed by Ahmed Bukhatir, directed by Zakaria Mimouni and under the supervision of Fadi Tolbi.

This work was carried out in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and was presented to the world as a message and humanitarian appeal to care for the refugee orphans and to express their daily hardships and difficulties.
The simplest details of life.

“Yateem” clip was filmed in Algeria. It tells the story of an orphan and how the society looks down upon him. He suffers throughout his daily life even in the simplest details of his life like education and mingling and other daily details.

Like all of his distinctive works, this work has been produced with the best available capabilities and has been distributed on various satellite channels and all social networking sites.

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